Sam Newton writes songs that dig deep into melancholy, devotion and flawed and fascinating characters. He has the uncanny ability to find a direct line into the central themes of his songs with a raw and poetic honesty.

Newton has served his apprenticeship on the Sydney music scene, playing with and learning from some of its finest songwriters and performers. His stylistic fluidity has enabled him to play with a wide variety of other acts, from veterans of the country scene to the new generation of folk singers populating the inner city pubs and bars.


In 2016, Newton undertook the challenge of writing 100 songs in 100 days before releasing his second album, Violet Road. An expanded and more subtle musical palette was partnered with songs that traded in an unflinching honesty, dialling directly into the heart of subjects such as infatuation, mental health, relationships both damaged and on the ascent.

Sam Newton’s third album ‘Stare Into The Dark’ will be released on June 22nd. Diving further into sweet country melodies and an even greater blending of styles – from Wilco to Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson to Paul Simon, the album is yet another step forward for Newton in the great art of songwriting.

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